Great Game Night Ideas

Game nights are a fun way to relax, laugh, and catch up with family and friends on your week’s activities. Game nights are perfect for the holiday season, weekends, and vacations.  Are you new at game nights and looking for the perfect game to kick off your night? Or maybe you’re a pro game night host and looking for a new game to excite your guest. Check out these great ideas that will make your next game night a success:

Karaoke Night

Don’t be afraid to put the classic board games to the side and spice up your night a little. Karaoke is a great addition to your game night. It’s fine to start your game night with classic games such as Monopoly, Scrabble, and Clue. After playing the same games, your night may become repetitive. This is where you place a twist on your game night and turn it into a Karaoke Night!

Always create a schedule. Scheduling is essential to any game night. Set aside time for snacks, mingling, board games, then Karaoke. There are different platforms you can use to get your Karaoke night started, such as YouTube and Karaoke Online. You can get fancy and add a microphone with speakers or be simple with a phone screen and living room as the stage. Get creative and split up into different teams and make competitive performances! Whatever way you decide to go, Karaoke is a great way to end your game night!

Free Smartphone Games

If you have a smartphone, you have an app store full of free game night ideas. The great benefit of using your phone is the fact that you get unlimited options! There are tons of free games listed on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. A few popular games include Heads Up, Reverse Charades and Family Feud. Some classic games can also be downloaded on your phone if you’re missing a board or two!

With phones, you need little to none supplies. Using smartphones for your game night eliminates the hassle of recording scores and writing out scenarios on paper and pen. This way, everyone can enjoy the night without distractions.


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