Great Ideas for First Dates

You finally landed a date with the guy or gal of your dreams, but don’t know where to go for your first date. First dates can leave a person feeling nervous, awkward, and shy, especially when you don’t know what the other person’s interests are.  Are you searching for the best first date idea? Check out these three cool ideas to help break the ice on your first date:


Everyone loves a little bit of competition! Bowling is a great idea for a first date. Not only is it a great way to break the ice, but it also brings out a little competition, and provides a gateway to different conversations. Bowling forces you to interact with your date and takes little preparation, unlike going to a fancy restaurant with a dress code. Through meaningful interactions, you’ll get to know more about your date’s personality traits such as humor and competitiveness.

Most bowling alleys have arcade games and food courts! After playing a few rounds, you can choose to grab a bite to eat and play arcade games after. Food is a great way to continue bonding with your date and make more meaningful interactions. This gives you a break from the games and a chance to have an intimate conversation.


Picnics are a great inexpensive idea for a first date. You can have great conversations while enjoying the sunlight, food, and drinks. This is the time to impress your date with your cooking skills and bond over similar foods you both like or dislike. Picnics convey an intimate setting that allows a person to eliminate distractions and focus on their date.

Another reason why picnics are a great first date idea is the fact that you can plan other fun things to do after the food! Don’t be afraid to pile a few games in your picnic kit. For example, card games are a great way to interact and learn more about your date. After the fun games, take a walk around the park or trail, this is the perfect way to complete your first date.


Wherever your heart takes you on your first date, remember to bring KeepWOL along with you. KeepWOL is an exciting card game that will keep you talking for hours. We created this amazing game to encourage genuine and authentic human interaction. It promotes thought-provoking conversations by Wondering Out Loud.

KeepWOL’s Flagship Deck is a must-have for your first date. This Deck is divided into categories such as self-reflection, life, worldviews, and love. Don’t be afraid to pack the game in your picnic kit or bring it out after a few rounds of bowling. Break the ice and have a perfect first date by using KeepWOL today! 

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