How to Pick Out the Perfect Gift for Your Significant Other

Finding the perfect gift for your significant other can be challenging around the holiday season...especially when you have an indecisive partner. Seeing the priceless smile on your partner’s face may be your main goal, but the journey to get there can be quite stressful. Here are a few tips to make this Christmas extra special for your loved one this year.

Pay Attention to Clues
During the holiday season, it’s important to pay close attention to your partner for clues and hints. Listen thoroughly to every conversation, rant, and phone call. Keep a close tab of key items they have hinted at to help build your perfect list. You may notice your partner admiring an outfit, jewelry, device, or other items that surround their interests. Pay attention to these clues because they can help you determine what to get your partner for the holidays.

Do Some Stalking
If your partner has not hinted or given you any Christmas gift ideas, it’s okay to do a little research. Social media is a big platform to share, like, and interact with your friends and family. Scroll through your partner's social media pages to see current items they are double-tapping or sharing with other friends. Additionally, if you see your partner interacting with the same post repeatedly, more than likely this would be a big clue for your shopping endeavors. This method is a great way to discover what gift will make your loved one smile this year, which should relieve some of your stress.

Ask Close Friends
Unfortunately, not everyone is a big social media fan, which means this method may not work for everyone. If your partner doesn’t use social media, or you can’t find any clues on their pages, try asking close friends and family. Doing this places less stress on yourself, and it also doesn’t require much research on your end. Start by asking a close family member or friend if your partner has talked about anything they’ve been dying to get for the holiday season. Additionally, you can ask them to secretly question your partner to see what they are wishing to unwrap this Christmas. Once your detective reports back, you should have an idea of what to surprise your partner with for the holidays.

Make it a Surprise!
Now, a surprise can’t be completed without effort. Try to surprise your partner this holiday season by giving them a fake gift, then surprising them with the real one. This is a perfect opportunity to create memories and capture the priceless smile on your loved one’s face as they open your holiday gift.

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