Juicy Games for Nosy People

Do you have a question(s) you’ve been dying to ask someone? Or do you want to learn a bit more about your significant other? Some questions may be awkward or uncomfortable to ask a person directly. You may not have the confidence to ask yourself or don’t know exactly how to approach the situation. Here are a few games that will help get your juicy questions answered:

Truth or Dare

The classic game of Truth and Dare. Many of us have played this game as teenagers or adults. This game was made to get juicy questions answered and challenge your peers to fun, crazy, and maybe uncomfortable dares. So, of course, there are two options – truth or dare. Once a person picks their choice, they cannot go back. The downside of truth or dare is a person can pick dares throughout the game, which may not give you the chance to ask your juicy question. Furthermore, truth or dare has loopholes; A person may indirectly answer a question. There are no rules in the game to re-enforce truthful answers.

Would You Rather

Another childhood classic! Would You Rather is a game that may get your juicy questions answered? The rules for this game are easy. A person is given a series of questions and asked which one they would rather do. The advantage of this game is the fact that you ask your juicy question indirectly. The downside of this game is that once a player selects a preference, you go on to the next question. The player does not have to elaborate on why they chose one option over the other. This may leave a person’s mind wondering and left with unanswered juicy questions.


KeepWOL is a revolutionary question card game designed for nosy people. Our expansion decks have topics ranging from career, love, self-reflection, sex (18+), and more. KeepWOL is the ideal game that allows players to learn each other’s thought processes and interesting ways of thinking.

Our rules are simple! We believe that honesty is the best policy. For each answered question, the player gets points. If someone doesn’t believe you answered a question truthfully or completely, they can throw in a flag card. A flag card gives the other players a chance to ask follow-up questions. KeepWOL is the best way to get those juicy questions answered. Become a Wonder-er today by saying goodbye to TMI.

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