Relationship or Situationship?

Are you falling head over heels about a special lady or gentleman, but can’t seem to tell if you’re in an exclusive relationship with each other? Situationships are real, and sometimes a person may be tied down for months or years without knowing. Here are some helpful tips that may help you determine the current status in your relationship.

Post a Picture

Yup, go for it! Post a quick picture on Snapchat, Instagram, Twitter, or even Facebook, and don’t hesitate to tag them; This risky technique will get your partner to speak-up! Now, if your partner immediately texts or calls you to get the picture removed, this may be the answer to your question. On the other hand, if your partner tries to talk around the uploaded picture and give excuses on why you should remove the photo, such as not liking their appearance, or wanting to keep the relationship away from social media, this gives you the perfect opportunity to ask them the question directly.

Set up a Family Dinner

If you’ve been dating your partner for a few months or years, it’s time to ask to meet their family. In most cases, people like to meet each other’s families when their relationships are getting serious or at their parents’ request. Asking your partner to meet their family may help answer the question of whether you’re in a relationship or situationship.

If your partner hesitates and tells you they’re not ready to introduce you to their family, don’t rush to conclusions. Keep in mind there may be personal reasons why your partner may want to hold off on family introductions. Allow your partner to explain themselves and depending on their reasoning, you may ask them directly what is the current status of your relationship.

Ask Directly

Expressing your feelings directly to your partner may be the easiest way to get an answer. Try talking to your partner face-to-face to understand the current status of your relationship. Face-to-face conversations help prevent emotions from getting misconstrued through phone calls and text messages. Sadly, in this scenario, some people know how to redirect their way around a question, which may leave a person feeling confused or conflicted about their partner’s response. KeepWOL can help assist by making a tough conversation more light hearted.

Everyone deserves to know how their partner truly feels about their relationship. Situationships may not be a bad thing to some people, but everyone should be aware of the current status of their relationship without second-guessing. Remember to love yourself always, and never tie yourself down to a person who leaves you wondering if your relationship is official or not.

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