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Team-building game that unlocks vulnerability & empathy while building communication skills, listening skills, trust & morale!

KeepWOL makes traditionally awkward or difficult conversations comfortable by creating an inclusive, empathetic environment through digital games optimized for video interaction. KeepWOL lets diversity of thought, character, and paths traveled shine through.

KeepWOL's Path Traveled

KeepWOL started as a card game to provide individuals an immediate way to intimately foster a connection with anyone. While testing our digital prototype, 87% of feedback was that companies need KeepWOL in this time of remote work and a push for Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion (DEI). KeepWOL has worked with top universities and a Fortune 50 company.

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KeepWOL is partnering with Engame Technology Inc.

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33% of employees say a lack of open, honest communication has the most negative impact on employee morale. ~ Accountemps

Traditional Team Building Events (although fun) DON'T ACTUALLY BUILD BETTER TEAMS

  • Beating an Escape Room clock or winning Top Golf won't assist in better understanding your colleagues.
  • Forced interactions, with lack of true connection through empathy and understanding, are...awkward
  • Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion initiatives focus on outward characteristics rather than true differences in everyone’s path traveled

KeepWOL products provide teams, remote and in person, the opportunity to build stronger bonds. 

KeepWOL takes team-building to a whole new level. Remote work and a push to amplify DEI has highlighted the significant gaps in traditional team building activities: communication skills, understanding, and empathy. KeepWOL is the first team-building game empowering employees to be vulnerable and open, as they unconsciously build trust, communication skills, active listening skills, and morale while playing a game.

Simply stated, we make meaningful conversation fun, competitive, and routine.  

Pictured: KeepWOL Digital Game

Pictured: KeepWOL Physical Games


How to Play

The concept of the game is super simple! A player selects a card, reads, answers the question, and is then judged by their peers (using our unique flag cards) to receive points. Instead of being judged by your experiences, beliefs, and opinions, you instead earn points based on how open, honest, and vulnerable you are. The more juicy details you provide, the more points you receive!

96% of employees believe showing empathy is an important way to advance employee retention. ~ Forbes

Increased connection → boosts employee morale → drives productivity → positively affects your bottom line.


 Customer Testimonials

"This game is a game changer! I played this game with a group, men and women, whom I did not know very well. I knew most players by name. By the end of the night I felt I knew them all and wanted to be friends with them. It really brought out the best in all of us." ~ Anonymous